Specifically, I blame Facebook. Shame on you, parents. Letting your kids snort up all that Facebook. In my day, parents knew better and kids drank their tweets at home. Also, smoking tumblr is totally different.

I am gonna be annoyed when my pitch starts getting compared to this flick. Pretty soon, if not already, New Orleans zombie movies will be their own subgenre.

It’s a fantastic:

a) conceptual piece about the idea of a “house” or “home” and personal space

b) way to break a bone at a concert or parade.

Googleplex #1 presale customer.

Googleplex #1 presale customer.

DotD: Charles Walters



The Man in the Hat sent this commentary 09/02/2012 10:19AM CST:

Subject: The Barkleys of Broadway (Technicolor 1949)

Fred & Ginger, with amazing piano solos of Oscar Levant.

Does it get any better for the talented Mr. Harry Stradling, Sr, ASC?  He lights a beautiful Big Room.  (How many days to light those big number scenes?)  Then, after all his and the crew’s good work, he trains his machine and lenses for head-to toe of Astaire and Rogers (“backwards  in high heels”) as they move so smoothly they have you and I thinking we can dance like them.
Ah, filmmaking!
PS.  George Dibie was bringing sexy back before that Justin kid was ever imagined!
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Tom would occasionally call me just to chat and sometimes to tell me about something I should look into. This was one of the few things he was urgent about me listening to. It aired on KCRW “The Home of the Homeless”, and I do not know if he listened to the rest of the related Radiolab series After Life, as it fit with many of our conversations on this topic. 

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The Man in The Hat Tom McKenney sent me many emails (292 is the count on my email program).  Actually, looking at his facebook output, it seems that is where he made the most interwebs (he has friends who have never met him in person but who are mourning him on his facebook wall today). Some of our exchanges were work correspondence, some of it personal correspondence, but most of it were his email blast, what I like to think of as one his many underpaid work for hire ventures in an emerging media market. The Man in The Hat was a cinematographer and shooter in show business and news reporting, and he had many additional passions: baseball, radio and podcasting, politics, interesting music, good spirits (all around, distilled and uplifting), and sharing wisdom and laughter through stories/parables or demonstration and discussion (this is why I think he liked motion picture making, baseball, and radio so much). 

This podcast was sent by Tom in an email “brain timing” cced to his partner Elli 08/31/2012 04:56AM CST

His comment:

Continues our discussion on neuroscience versus spirituality.

We had several reference based discussions on this topic before Tom translated last night. I will post a few of our email exchanges here that I think are of greater benefit to a larger audience. I think Tom (for the same reasons I do with my correspondence) limited them in scope of re-broadcast because at the time, he had a specific message for a small audience, but I think now that audience is ready to grow through my tiny little channel (unless Elli objects, or in case of the larger e-mail blasts, a majority contingency of his recipients).  


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I am going to this as a living installation - a quantum Kelly King on the boundaries of existence in a world where it means next to nothing to be a “Kelly King” and an “artist”.